Tower defense board game idea.

I’m going to start making some preliminary graphics for a new boardgame idea.

The gist of it is each player will have a small board with a path that monsters can travel down and spaces for the player to place tower tiles.

A die roll will determine how many spaces monsters advance and which of your towers will fire.

Monster tiles will have hearts on them, each time a monster is damaged by a tower, cover a heart with a small cardboard token.

Defeating monsters earn you resources to place more towers. Players have numbered tokens they can place on their towers so when the dice roll, thats which towers can fire.

There will be different tiers of towers you can buy, some could fire in multiple directions or deal extra damage.

Players will buy different monsters available to them and place small cubes representing those monsters in a cube tower with 4 or 5 spaces at the bottom from which the cubes will exit. If a cube comes out on your space you must place that monster on the start square of your board.

Thats the gist of it so far. I plan to make some graphics and a demo video soon to update this with more details. Thanks for reading.

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